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Charles Eames lounge chair (Herman Miller/Vitra)

I have lusted after an Eames lounge chair and ottoman for what feels like an eternity, and as with anything, you can buy a homage. However, the lines between homage and fake are quite hard to define, and for me, I always prefer the real deal. That said, I would like to use it.

Looking on the likes of Ebay pops up a few vintage versions (Vitra and Herman Miller) in varying conditions, and these are what tempt me, but much like vintage watches, the potential for unexpected additional costs is always there. However, there is always the option to buy a new one from Herman Miller, Vitra, or a homage from any number of suppliers.

Does anyone have any thoughts/tips on the options? It is a style/comfort thing rather than an investment.

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Eames Chair – any good copies out there?

My original rosewood Herman Miller Eames broke a couple years ago. The shock mount that binds the seat pan to the lower back section became detached – the epoxy had worn out, apparently. It only broke on the left side, and fortunately, no wood cracked or broke went it suddenly gave way (I was sitting in it at the time).

The bad news is that when I shopped around for repair places well versed in the Eames, the price was around $750 to fix it. Needless to say, I took it apart and it is stacked in a corner awaiting the day when I can afford to fix it. I really, really miss it.

This video shows the part that broke. Fortunately, mine was never previously repaired, so there are no drill holes going through to the outside. I did just need to have the other shock mount removed, and both epoxyed and re-attached.

Hope those of you that own one never have it break like this – or worse, with cracked or broken wood!

is the Eames lounge available in other material than leather?

is it available in any other material than its original, leather? A shopper on Dec 2, 2011 Best Answer: At this time we are only offering the Pearl MCL leather for the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman in white ash. We do offer many different leather options for our Eames Lounge & Ottoman in the following finishes:

– Oiled Walnut Veneer
– Walnut Veneer
– Oiled Santos Palisander Veneer
– Santos Palisander Veneer

Please contact the Herman Miller Store if you have any further questions at 888-798-0202 or hmstore@hermanmiller.com.

I was reading through the posts since my last one and noticed that someone mentioned IFN Modern no longer sold their chair in the United States. I checked their webpage and that is indeed true – “Ships only within Canada”. Bummer – I love mine and I honestly think it is the best reproduction I have ever seen – can not imagine one better.

But on to the topic at hand – originally I did also considered Manhattan Home Design and boy am I glad I did not choose them. I visited their showroom on Monday while in NYC. It is a tiny little office on the 15th floor with 4 chairs in it and a messy office space. Much smaller “showroom” than I expected. As for the Lounge Chair? It looked cheap: the leather on the floor model was the standard leather and felt and looked rough. No tilt. The chair itself was not comfortable like the IFN, actually rather hard. The wood on the inside was not veneered, just rough and unfinished. Also, deep tufting was almost non-existent. Not worth the $1000+ they are charging, not at all.

Here is my IFN chair in my new place – LOVE IT:

An original Miller. Originality-wise, ours is OK., I know that chair since I was a kid. Before you fork out the money, remember that Eames designed the chair for fifties persons. Back then, people were smaller than today. My 1.85 mtr /6ft and 90 kilo / 14.1 stone body is not comfortable in the chair. My wife, a little shorter (and a lot lighter!) regards the seating position of the Lounge Chair as perfect.

Modern Vitra specimen are a little larger than the Miller version, made for 21st century people. Perhaps you should consider that too.

Daily life with an original Miller is like living with a high end watch from that period: it is originally designed for every day use, but nowadays you have to be careful how to treat it: the joints (shock absorbers) between the metal base and the wooden shell are prone to cracks and then the bolts that hold it all together can work their way out. There are replacements for sale. I

The underside of the cushions is made from some sort of plastic sheet. It will tear up over years. Again, it can be bought from some suppliers in the US.

The leather on ours is old and it shows. But, given the fact that it is used for about 50 years, it is still pretty good!

On the plus side: when you have all parts, you can repair it yourself! It is a DIY chair! If you have kids, be careful! When our boys were small, they were not allowed to sit in the chair. Kids use every piece furniture as a rocking chair or trampoline. You can not blame them, they are kids! We explained them that we were very much attached to the chair and that it was (is) very expensive. Therefore an no go area . That was never a problem. And now, being older, both treat the chair according to its age.

There is an old video on YT – although it is old, you can see how easy you can put it together!